MY surprise party!!!

i was thrown a surprise bday dinner at dos caminos with close friends this past are some highlights…
ahhh! so fun! guac, cake..and still 2 weeks till my real birthday! i have never wanted a surprise party, never asked for one, never thought id like one but this dinner was awesome!! we had a lot of laughs and dasss what is allll about…

i have some exciting things going on at work..can’t talk about them yet but when everything is up and running well..then ill share šŸ™‚

…dassss wuz up!!!


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later back 3Gs!

heres my deal: i broke up with my iphone 3Gs for 29 days to try out the blackberry world. i soon realized nothing compares to my iphone and missed it terribly. i started resenting app. commercials. i made a biggest mistake ever and soon came crawling back to at&t and am currently happier then ever..this seems to be a pattern in my life..;)

i am back in action with the iphone 3Gs!!

my 29 day hiatus in the blackberry/bbm world was BORING. simple as that. no apps, no speed, no fun.

im back together with a 16gb white iphone 3Gs, my apps and feel connected to the world and now with mms and a pink ifrogz case im excited!!!!!!!yay!
dasss wuz up!

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she got it from her ;)

just a quick shout out video to @katiebranden. she rocks. period.
subscribe to my channel and follow me @karabranden..
dassss wuz uppp!!! šŸ˜‰

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Quick Post..

although still on hiatus from my blog i just had to post this hilarious quick video of @katiebranden..
she makes me laugh..

quick update:

i got a curve 8900 (no more iphone which i still can’t believe)
but…change is good.
im super busy at work.
ive gotten into bike riding and um yeah it fantastic for the abs and booty.
im sure ill be back posting and V-logging soon!!
till then..follow me @karabranden and subscribe to my channel!!
….das wuz up!

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mini hiatis..

im going on a mini hiatis from my blog.
im sure ill randomly post…but not consistently.

im going to be super busy with work and personally and if i cant do something 100% id rather check out till i can do it 100%.


…but follow me @karabranden on twitter for daily updates.

….das wuz up!

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the perks of being a dd coolatta girl..

new burberry sunglasses!
now everyone go out and get some dunkin donuts..
and off the record..starbucks pumpkin spice lattes are back in season..:)!!!
back to running reports in infomaker…
dass wuz up!!

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connecting a cable box to a dvd/vhs recorder 101…

the breakdown:
picture enters cable box, brings it to dvd/vhs recorder, which brings it to the tv.
simple as that.
you needĀ  2 component cables.
not 2 ends ….TWO separate wires.
what is a component cable? look to the left.

go to the back of your CABLE box
plugĀ  ONE side of the FIRST cable into the IN section…
(red goes in red, yellow in yellow, white in white).

go to the back of your DVD/VHS recorder
plug in the other end to the IN of DVD recorder.
(red goes in red, yellow in yellow, white in white)

now you have one wire left.

go to the back of your DVD/VHS recorder.
plug ONE side into the OUT section of DVD recorder.
(red goes in red, yellow in yellow, white in white)
go to the back (or front) of your tv
plug in the other end to the TV
(red goes in red, yellow in yellow, white in white)

play around with channels till you find on that show you a picture
yes ….you can use s-video cables,Ā  IR adapters, serial cables..this is cable box to dvd/vhs recording 101…..
das wuz up. šŸ˜‰

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das wuz up!


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