time flies when your a tweetin’!

wow. time flies when your a tweetin’!
has it really been 4 months since ive posted?
i will try and post more often but i am still tweeting. I hit 400 followers today and one of them asked me to start writing on my blog again so..
im writing “on my blog”
ive been doing a lot of sites lately since the office is running itself at this point, minus 3 huge freak out by the servers over the past 4 months all has been good. I also had time to make myself into an avatar……..

ok. i gott get back to designing a site for myself.
just wait and see..till then…..



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Avatar and PLUCKER!


the best movie ive seen in about 10 years right behind superbad and the hangover.

go see it.
im busy now till mid-january so ill be back with a TON a tech updates
new servers, virtualization, my scanning company, HD flip vids, live streaming video and a lot more.
till then…

bye bye 09…talk to you guys in 10!!!!
dasss wuzzz up. šŸ˜‰

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happy holidays!

been super busy with work ..pics will follow….eventually…
till then click the link below…


from @karabranden & @katiebranden

dass wuz up šŸ˜‰

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halfway through the week, almost finished updates, almost finished rendering & posting the most boring video i have ever had to edit for work.
almost, almost, almost..ughh
a few people wrote me asking what my set up looks like so here you go..thats my set up right now-1macbook
seagate 350gb hardrive on the right
juicy couture keyboard
rendering edits in the background..
damn sexy… i know…
while im waiting for updates to run i edited a quick video of me and @katiebranden being..well…us …

don’t hate.
yes i know its “film grainy” and not HD.
y’all know ya love us šŸ˜‰
time to code some updates..ughhh.

dassss wuzzzz up.

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as promised…

i present..halloween 09..

subscribe to my channel!!! šŸ˜‰
…dasssss wuz up!

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life is much easier as snow white.

halloween 09….
ahhh! first time i dressed up in a while and it was so fun!i have some really funny videos ill be editing soon so stay tuned for those..
the “blonde” is @katiebranden.. u know.. the girl in this video..meet katie.

back to reality now and imma bitch about things.
its monday, 1st of the month so reports need to be formatted and run, citrix is canceling people’s profiles randomly, i have 3 conference calls (2 left i did one at 9:15), a meeting in the afternoon and hardcore working out the bootay later..
so why am i posting something??????
cause nothing is working today.
not one thing.
infomaker is freezing.
i coded 7 reports incorrectly so they all have to be redone.
2 users at a differnt sattelite offices forgot their passwords (which haven’t changed in years) so i had to reset them which seems simple but is quite a process.
there is yet another new employee starting today who i have to train at some point.
i was called out on not paying attention on an important conference call cause i thought i muted the call so i could play doodle jump but i didnt mute it.ahhh. doodle jump (still best app ever)
i also realized i deleted my google wave invite!!!! ahhhh!! i need another and i haven’t gotten one!!!
hope you guys are having a better day..


restarting today and switching playlists. my “chill out” list was bad luck.|
life was much easier when i was snow white.follow me on twitter…..dassssssssssss wuz up. šŸ˜‰

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my tiny pink 4gb Flash Drive..

how adorable is my new flash drive….4gb of cuteness..


that’s all for Monday..still playing with WIN7 and tons of meetings for the rest of the day…ughh.

…dassss wuz up. šŸ˜‰

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